MGID and AdSense – 100% Compatibility!

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As a website publisher, I get revenue from Adsense. Is it have another way to improve revenue? The answer is true. I will tell you some Ad network I have used.


It’s safe with Adsense?

Let’s see the official sayings:

Are you compatible with Google AdSense?

Are you compatible with Google AdSense?

We are fully compatible with Google AdSense. Moreover, a lot of our advertisers use it as a monetization tool for our traffic. We are a member of IAB. MGID’s traffic is comScore- and Forensiq-verified. Additionally, our in-house QA team monitors the traffic flow for any fraudulent activity on a daily basis.

If you want running with Adsense, you should turn NC17 and NSFW off.

Next article I will share run mgid in AdManager.

Exoclick:(No recommend)

I am contacting you today from the Exoclick Compliance team.
On review of your site(s) performance we have decided to reject your sites as they are not meeting the expectations of our advertisers.
As such no pending earnings will be paid, as some advertisers will need to be compensated. No details can be provided to you as to why this action has been taken for security reasons.
Additionally your account has been closed as we will be not be able to work with you in the future. Any further new accounts that you register will be subsequently closed down.
We wish you well in your future endeavors.
Best regards,
Compliance Officer
Compliance Team
Exoclick Customer Services
Please ensure you read our blog article update regarding Googles Restrictions and what this means for advertisers here:

The revenue is so poor, but at last, they close my account for no acceptable reason. It’s about $200.

PropellerAds(No recommend)

Your Propeller Ads account has been suspended because of invalid activity.
Our program policies strictly prohibit any means of artificially generating ad impressions, clicks and conversions, including third-party services such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-surf and automated traffic-exchange programs.
As a publisher, you are responsible for maintaining high-quality inventory and traffic. If the traffic we are receiving from a publisher is violating our terms and/or invalid, then the publisher is no longer eligible to participate in Propeller Ads network and his account may be suspended.
Please note that we don’t comment decisions of our policy team
So your account can’t be restored. The decision is final and cannot be disputed.

PopAds(No recommend)

Your account was banned for fraudulent activity (fake traffic). We place a lot of emphasis on the integrity of our network, so regrettably this decision is final. We would be unable to reinstate your account at this time. Please refer to the section titled Fraud and Deception on
Hope it’s clear.
Best regards,
Gordon Ho