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What is “996”?

The Wikipedia page on the 996 working hour system.
A “996” work schedule refers to an unofficial work schedule (9 a.m.–9 p.m., 6 days per week) that has been gaining popularity. Serving a company that encourages the “996” work schedule usually means working for at least 60 hours per week.


996: Wife and Ion Separate Work System | Tens of millions of people work nine to nine, six days a week.

On March 27, a long-term overtime programmer at an IT company registered a website with the domain name 996.ICU and posted it on GitHub, the world’s largest social programming and code hosting site. Oppose that wages remain unchanged, but working hours are close to the statutory double status quo. It is now close to 100,000 stars. Become one of the programmer’s favorite websites, the fastest rising star project in history.

More lethal 996.ICU Open Source License in the pipeline:

Anti-996 License

The purpose of this license is to prevent anti-labour-law companies from using the software or codes under the license, and force those companies to balance their work
See a full list of projects under Anti-996 License
It is an idea of @xushunke: Design A Software License Of Labor Protection — 996ICU License
This version of Anti-996 License is drafted by Katt Gu, J.D, University of Illinois, College of Law; advised by Suji Yan, CEO of Dimension.
This draft is adapted from the MIT license. For more detailed explaination, please see Wiki. This license is designed to be compatible with all major open source licenses.
For law professionals or anyone who are willing to contribute to further version directly, please go to Anti-996-License-1.0. Thank you.


The project team is currently working on a 996. ICU Open Source License (tentative name), which will prohibit 996 companies from using open source software. There are many high quality and popular open source projects in China. If these projects use 996. ICU open source license, it will be more effective to 996 companies.
According to the conceived 996. ICU Open Source Agreement, it still provides commercial use for all companies or individuals, but the use of 996 working system by companies violates the agreement. At present, there are programmers in the discussion Posts who want to contact Google and Apache Foundation and so on, hoping that these large companies or open source projects can join the agreement.